Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Past Few Days (The Best Are Last)

This is just a cool old tin can that is a birdhouse. I'm guessing this was made this way?A Columbia record player from 1955! It is one of my favorite finds and is in such great condition~ $5
Ok, so this says Betsy Ross and says cigar on it but it is small - like a card holder container or something. I know it is at least fairly old. But I don't know if this actually held cigars? A friend told me there used to be cigars that were small, I just don't know...
This is a really neat tray. There was only one. It is selling online for $30 for just one. It is in great condition. The label on the back shows: Moire Glaze Kyes and is hand made in Pasadena California
A cool old lantern...

A neat hym book from 1945.
Remember this? I think it is in the last post. It was all wood and it is a coaster holder. I wanted it to go with the table I painted and the Germany side table. I like how it turned out! Each coaster represents a country I have lived in or visited...

I found this old radio today! I paid too much for my finds today but so many people were interested in what I found and wanted them which made me think they are rare finds so I took the risk. This radio cost $7
It is an old radio that has tubes in it. This is what it looks like in the back behind the cover...
This is a clock I got and paid $15. Maybe I shouldn't have but it is so neat...so many people were saying if you decide not to get it, I WANT IT. So, how could I pass it up if so many others thought it was a good deal....is it?

Unfortunately it is missing one knob...I don't know if I should just take off the one back knob so it looks more even/matched?
Another really cool item! I almost passed this one up but because it was in such great condition I just had too. Lol. $7. I typed on it and can't wait to display it once I have a house!

This is what it looks like when the case/box is closed! Sooo cool!
Those are my finds! This weekend I plan to work on some new DIY project!

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  1. The coasters turned out wonderfully!! And there are small cigars, I had a friend in middle school who'd smoke them (lol, I know, don't worry, I didn't haha).

    That typewriter is freaking awesome!!! $7??!!