Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Theme of the Day: RED

Today's theme is red day apparently. Below you see the coolest red suitcase ever! It is bigger than any suitcase I've ever gotten but super neat. Also below you will see a sign that says Provecho. This used to be a piece of wood that had Live, laugh and dance or something like that and so I sanded that off. Then after I sanded the board to what I liked it to look like I painted on the word "Provecho" which means enjoy in Spanish. Then I re-sanded over it again to give it a worn look. It looks "ok" for my first project but I need to figure out how to give it more of a weathered look in the future maybe? I know it has to do with the wood I used - if I start out with wood that is more rickety then that will help.

I got a few books...

These I got the other day. They aren't in great shape but were basically free and could be used in a display.
Cool tin can. Newer but goes well with my collection.
And a cool plug in light! Yay!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ready and Waiting

Well, I am ready and waiting to buy a house now. I'm trying to resist from getting bigger items that might be good deals from craigslist but it is hard because a good deal is a good deal. The back vintage desk is from New England. I got it off craigslist for $75. That is a pretty good deal for desks like this. I didn't get a picture of it but it folds out from the top and features as a desk as well. I will take pictures when I move! (hopefully sooner than later?)
These two chairs I plan to re-upholster the cushions with new material or whatever. The chairs themselves are in pretty good shape. I might have paid too much for them or maybe not? They are vintage. They were previously $16 at the As Is store but no one bought them all week and I kept dreaming about their potential. So Tuesday when they opened I went in hopes that they would still be there and that I could convince the lady to drop the price. I was successful and paid $10 for both! They have great potential especially with my moms help!

I have no clue how old this purse is but it is neat! $1.

A few miscellaneous items I got for my house...I thought this was a cute little basket and vase to decorate with.

I have some ideas for this adorable wood heart.
I normally don't buy old lace ribbon like this but I have some ideas for them too! Even if I just use it for scrapbooking! $1. All in all a great day! I spent way more than normal today haha. I blame it on the chairs.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Best Finds Ever Today!

Today I found the best finds ever!!!! I found an entire bag of old Avon perfume bottles. So neat!!! I got 18 of them for four dollars. Approximately a quarter each. They were extremely dirty but once cleaned up they look better!

I saw this tin can and was stoked about it and then saw that it said Popcorn on it! Even better!

These maps are older and cool looking but not sure if I'll do anything with them.
Now THESE are cool!!!!!!!! They are old theaters from the 1970's and 1980's.
Cats, Shaekespeare, etc.!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Few Days Finds

Hello Peeps. So I don't think I have even said where my treasures come from. They come from a place called the "As Is" and basically it is the items that Goodwill won't even take. But sometimes so good stuff can come through! You just have to dig through a bunch of boxes and deal with a bunch of rude people. First deal of the day! $3 set of awesome, brand-new looking containers. I plan to use them for my laundry room!
I found this a few days ago. I just thought it was a cool looking vintage thermos, however, I am unsure what year it is.
I found this cool ceramic, native american vase full of gorgeous colors! It was $1 which I thought was a bit high, but I couldn't pass it up.
Another cool vintage suitcase that I bought yesterday for $2. Not sure maybe the 60's?

I found this cool 1965 Trouble game. The top is in really bad shape but I am a sucker for older games....I have way too many.

And finally I got this 1953 Scrabble game. If you remember I've gotten one very similar but it was in really bad shape compared to this game. This is in great shape!!! Box and all!
Well, have a great day!!!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Owly Day Today!

As you probably know I have this major fascination with owls. So when I went to a garage sale with 20-30 owls I just couldn't go home empty handed!!! Especially when they were being sold for decent deals and they said the more I got then they would make a deal! So I got 9 owls for $6. Hey! At least I didn't get all 30 haha.

Some of them are pretty crazy looking but that is the beauty in them. They will make for some cool retro, vintage decor!

Cool 1961 game.

Three old, cool books from 1936,1964, 1937. One is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo! And then below I got some cool record albums. BUT THEN SEE THE BEST FIND OF THE DAY!

AND A.....Vintage 50s Black Round Hat Box / Wig Carry On Case Luggage Suitcase. SOOOO COOL! $3 with the wig, haha.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Finds!!!!

This is a 1984 Ritz Cracker tin. It is not super old (just a year older than me!) but I couldn't pass it up especially since the last place I worked my nickname was "Ritz Cracker" or just "Ritz."

Above is a 1964 Romeo and Juliet book. And this is a 50 recipes from Pillbury's and is from 1959.
Also above are a few older books. The top book is from 1972 I just thought it was cool.

Below is the coolest find of the week!!!!! I'm not sure what year it is or what it was used for but it is a nice piece. It is genuine leather and opens up (see pictures below). It reminds me of an old doctors bag (except I think those were black?) or it could have been used as an overnight bag but it is super neat and I love it!