Friday, April 27, 2012

G.S.A. Anyone Know Of a Garage Sale Anonymous Group? :)

I think I have a problem. Is there a GSA group anywhere? You know, Garage Sale Anonymous group? I did okay today. I limited myself several times.
But THIS!?!?! How could I pass this awesome soda/refrigerator up? It is soo awesome and works. AND the price was right. Guess how much I got this for? $20!!! He was asking $25 but dropped it for me. What a STEAL!

I cleaned it all up and can't wait to use it once I move!

Look at this! Not sure how old it is and haven't had time to look it up, but it is an old flashlight! It was $2.

I'm trying not to collect too many glass soda bottles but I would like unique ones and I think this one is unique! 50 cents...

Another neat looking camera that I need to look up and find out more about it. It was only $2.

And of course...2 more avon bottles for 50 cents each. How can I pass these guys up? Avon did so many neat perfume bottles!!!

Here is another angle. An eagle and a cowboy riding a horse!


  1. Amazing finds! The price was right! Great score!

    1. Thanks Betsy. Isn't it always great when the price is right!?!?!

  2. You know...... I can see some paint covering the "slice" part and maybe some vintage Dr. Pepper letters? Now I want one.


    1. I don't know, maybe there used to be different letters? It is sooo fun. I love it. Totally the best find thus far!