Monday, November 26, 2012

Beautiful antique bookcase

A old chair/bench I am re-doing. This is before...

This is what I discovered beneath...

Here is where I am at...well, I've sanded and stained it now. Now I just have decide where to put it, what fabric to use and get some cushioning...

Isn't this bookcase amazing? I found it at an antique store....I took a photo of it and dreamed about it and finally caved and HAD to get it...especially since it was a perfect fit in my living room. If it had been an inch higher it wouldn't have fit. This WAS meant to be! It is from the early 1900's, and the glass is poured glass and if you look closely you can see a few bubbles in the glass because it was poured!

Here is another angle with this cute little desk next to it!

Here is the fireplace to the left of it. You should have seen the fire place was tile and hideous! I will show before and after pictures eventually. Also the walls were white, now they are dark gray!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Good thing I bought a truck so now I can easily buy good deals at garage sales! These are my finds from Friday!

These don't look like much but they will be cool for decoration and there is some cool writing on the side of the one. They were only a $1 and are good for at least storage.

Isn't this trunk awesome! Anyone have any idea how old it is?

This is on the inside. Looks all original...

Here is where I have the trunk for now. Not sure if it looks good there...

A few avon bottles on my bathroom counter
And a few more on the cabinets in my bathroom and a few old books!

My cute lil' vanity that I bought and was an ugly tan and I re-did it to gray - it isn't the best photo to see it!

Isn't this neat? I wonder if I paid too much for it. I paid $20, the woman was originally wanting $50. I thought it was worth it!

Best deal ever! Over 100 avon bottles and a lot of them in boxes and for $20! I will be selling some, and keeping some too!

Another good deal. Saw one like this Friday for $40 and was looking for one, but just didn't want to pay $40 and then I found this one the next day for $10. My jaw dropped and I instantly pulled out money!

Perfect spot in my bedroom for it!

4 vintage chairs for $10! Insane right?

Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm BAAACCKKK....Garage Sale Finds!

I got this adorable bench at a garage sale for $20 or so. It was just wood color and so I made it a bright red and painted a quote on it! It is right on my front porch!

I tried to distress it, but don't like it as much as I thought I would, but I still think it is cute. 

Here is a view from further away with another garage sale find. This mirror was $2 or $3 and I painted it brown to go with the painted letters on the bench.

This isn't the best picture but isn't this cool? It is a vintage coat rack ....not sure what year? Anyone know much about it?

Isn't this chair a beauty? Can you even guess the price I saw on it? I think my jaw literally dropped! It was $3! It is in such good shape and look at the amazing curves and design? Wow!

How could I pass this up? It is fun to play randomly with friends. And it was only $20. I figured I could always re-sell it for such a low price!

Check this couch/chair/bench/etc out! $20 and will look amazing once it is re-done! Isn't it such a great find?  

Cool frame I painted white!

Two random cabinet doors that I can totally do something cute with! Each 50 cents a piece!

Five 11 x 14 frames for $1 each. Not a super awesome deal, but I dont need some frames!

Vintage mug? $3

Awesome tin can card holder with two sets of coca cola cards in it. $3

Some vintage tin cans for $1.

I believe this is an old box that holds or use to hold a lantern???

Cute owls

Aren't they cute?

This is a find I was looking for!!!! I couldn't believe it. I have this fascination for old signs like this. It was $ 3 and sure it doesn't have all the letters but isn't it great? What do you think it used to spell?

That concludes my recent finds. Have a good day!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Moving....The house as it is and what I've done thus far...

The kitchen with all my vintage tin cans...

Here is a better picture and another view...

Kitchen to living room with a view of the creek...

The sectional couch I got

Living room to dining room and dining room double doors to the bedroom

The canopy bed I got for $400...

The closet

More of the closet...

The downstairs bathroom

I got a few things garage saling today....this old bench I can definitely make pretty again

A really cool national cash register I got! It is old (I haven't had time to look it up yet) and SUPER heavy. At least a  good 50-70 pounds! I paid $32 for it but I'm sure is worth quite a bit....

A really cool orange juice crate! I paid $5 for it.

An old pencil sharpener!

And a really cool crate from Pakistan for $2!

There will be more house pictures to come. I haven't really done any decorating but this is what I have thus far! Have a GREAT day!