Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Project Begun...

I found this old radio at a garage sale with no price. The inside keys are gone but I saw potential in this so I asked "How much?" The woman replied. What will you offer? I say "$5?" She says "Sure!" Heck yeah!.

See the buttons are missing....would you buy this? Lol.
This is the back side. I plan to pull it apart and maybe add a couple shelves and then display it from the front, put wheels on the bottom and have it be a hidden storage! Something like that!
Here is the front after I sanded it and pulled all the back out...
Here is the view from the back!

I plan to now put white primer on it....then I'm debating on the top color....and what to put where that yellow/orange mess stuff was....hmmmm!


  1. You really find the coolest things! I love old books, too. :)

    1. Thank you! It is sooo much fun! Old books are great! Especially the really old ones!