Saturday, April 7, 2012

Friday and Saturday Garage Sales!

The coolest find ever for $5! I was not sure what it was at first but then I looked it up and figured out what it was! It is one of those things were you lay on it and work underneath your car! It is soooo cool. Lisle is the first to build the first Ford Model T. Soo cool!And look, it was meant to be mine! It has my last name on the bottom of it!

Better Homes and Gardens magazines from 1950 and 1951!

An Old Craftsman toolbox from the WW2 time period is what the guy said! And it was free! Yay! It needed some cleaning as most of the things that I buy but it is always worth it!

Another piece of luggage I probably didn't need!

The coolest, old, lamp EVER! I can't wait to display this! It just needs a lamp shade. $5.

Neat little - toy? Just for display? Not sure? No clue if it is very old or just made to look old. $2.
Avon bottle. and a cute little crate I plan to paint on!
Cool! $1
A book from early 1900's selling on amazon for $50-$80
Cool tin from another country!
A set of books from 1904-1914!!!! Oldest books I've found in awhile! Soo neat!
A cute mini roll top desk to put on top of your desk and it holds pens on the sides, and sticky notes, etc.
Free license plates I'm sure I can use for decoration somehow!

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