Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Some Before and Afters - And A Few Finds

Ok, so, you can't really tell how bad the chair looks, but it needs a new fresh of paint and the material needs to be changed out. There are stains that you can't really see in this picture.
 Here is the after. I chose new material....And the paint I bought actually ended up being the same color. I was going to do dark brown but because of the material I chose I wasn't sure brown paint all over the chair would have worked...

Do you see the potential in this chair?

Well here is after I re-did it. This is the only material I currently have (I need to start stocking up), but this would probably look better with less business going on! The material is easy to change out. This "material" is actually from a little girls dress, but hey, whatever works.

Super faded, but only a $1 and still awesome.

A couple more avon bottles.

Vintage game.

Aren't these cute? I spray painted both of them black and they will make for some super cute decor.

Vintage owls!

Fun vintage cookie cutters

Not sure what ill do with this yet...

Washboard, unfortunately cracked...

Old books!

An awesome, old projector that still works!


  1. Wow ... brings back lots of memories. Great finds

    1. Thanks Jackie! Aren't vintage items great? Memories too! :)