Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Theme of the Day: RED

Today's theme is red day apparently. Below you see the coolest red suitcase ever! It is bigger than any suitcase I've ever gotten but super neat. Also below you will see a sign that says Provecho. This used to be a piece of wood that had Live, laugh and dance or something like that and so I sanded that off. Then after I sanded the board to what I liked it to look like I painted on the word "Provecho" which means enjoy in Spanish. Then I re-sanded over it again to give it a worn look. It looks "ok" for my first project but I need to figure out how to give it more of a weathered look in the future maybe? I know it has to do with the wood I used - if I start out with wood that is more rickety then that will help.

I got a few books...

These I got the other day. They aren't in great shape but were basically free and could be used in a display.
Cool tin can. Newer but goes well with my collection.
And a cool plug in light! Yay!

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