Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finds Of The Day

I've found some pretty cool finds today.

First item. Vintage luggage. Not sure what year this would be....any ideas? It cost $1!

Next item is a Revere camera model 85, 8 mm projector. It is from the 1950's and is selling on ebay from $50 to $150. I got it for $5.

It has a reel and I was stoked to see that!!!! That is harder to find!

A 1976 scrabble crossword cube game. Looks like a fun game to play too! It was a $1.

A 1937 book called Northwest Passage by Kenneth Roberts. I could only find one of these online and it was selling for $125. I bought it for .10 cents. It is not in mint condition and I may actually try and sell it.

A 1953 Scrabble game! Not in very good shape though. But more just for my personal collection as most things are. I buy them and of course wouldn't think to actually sell them!
Two creepy magazines that sell for about $5 a piece. Each were .10 cents. They are from the 1970's
And some cool old staples/stable boxes!

All totaling to the price of $8.30!!!!! Yay!

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