Saturday, March 3, 2012


So here are the frames I worked on last weekend. I had in mind something like this but just wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. The first frame is actually the last one I did. I chose two quotes about this photo of a moth I intend to enlarge and place in the frame. I didn't have too many quotes to chose from, so these were the best two I could find.
This frame was the first one I did. Libelula means dragonfly in spanish. I had written a poem about dragonflies when I was in Costa Rica and on here is all words or sayings from my poem.
This is the second frame I did. I have this cool spider I took a picture of in Costa Rica and plan to enlarge it for this frame. In this frame I put a bunch of names of different kinds of spiders.

To do these frames which were originally wood (I wish I would have taken a before and after) I primed them in white paint, sanded them slightly and then spray painted them black. Then I painted all the words on the frames and hand sanded them down again. I was going for a distressed, vintage look. They turned out more or less like I was hoping. :) All in all I am satisfied with the results.
A cool old Long Ranger book from the 1940's or so (I don't want to go grab it :) ) It isn't in that great of shape but it is too cool.
Another old avon bottle. The head doesn't seem to match it but it fits? Not sure if this is the actual head for this bottle or if because the avon bottle was glass and the head is plastic they couldn't match it better?

All in all a good past few days.

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