Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Finds!!!!

This is a 1984 Ritz Cracker tin. It is not super old (just a year older than me!) but I couldn't pass it up especially since the last place I worked my nickname was "Ritz Cracker" or just "Ritz."

Above is a 1964 Romeo and Juliet book. And this is a 50 recipes from Pillbury's and is from 1959.
Also above are a few older books. The top book is from 1972 I just thought it was cool.

Below is the coolest find of the week!!!!! I'm not sure what year it is or what it was used for but it is a nice piece. It is genuine leather and opens up (see pictures below). It reminds me of an old doctors bag (except I think those were black?) or it could have been used as an overnight bag but it is super neat and I love it!


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