Saturday, February 18, 2012

Owly Day Today!

As you probably know I have this major fascination with owls. So when I went to a garage sale with 20-30 owls I just couldn't go home empty handed!!! Especially when they were being sold for decent deals and they said the more I got then they would make a deal! So I got 9 owls for $6. Hey! At least I didn't get all 30 haha.

Some of them are pretty crazy looking but that is the beauty in them. They will make for some cool retro, vintage decor!

Cool 1961 game.

Three old, cool books from 1936,1964, 1937. One is Les Miserables by Victor Hugo! And then below I got some cool record albums. BUT THEN SEE THE BEST FIND OF THE DAY!

AND A.....Vintage 50s Black Round Hat Box / Wig Carry On Case Luggage Suitcase. SOOOO COOL! $3 with the wig, haha.


  1. Those are some stinking AWESOME owls!!!!

  2. My favorite is the green one, top middle!