Thursday, March 29, 2012

Corner Table to Match Coffee Table - plus other treasures!

Ok, so this is the other table I got for free with the coffee table on the side of the road. The other project I already completed and this one I did to match. Once I finally move my plan is to do a "travel" theme in my living room downstairs. I first painted the table with a white primer after sanding it...
Then I spray painted a layer with white paint. Then I painted this German design on it. I printed out the design on some sort of tracing paper and then rubbed it on with the back of a pencil and painted over it.
It looked too plain so I decided to do some more...
And painted Deutschland on it for Germany. I did a Costa Rican table because I lived there and loved it and this one because I lived in Germany for 3 years when I was young.
It's complete! I love it!

I can't wait to decorate my house. I got this bread box for $2. Should I stain it or paint it...?

This stretches out and can go on the wall and has a bunch of knobs on it to hang things off of. It can go in the entryway or in the laundry room...
This is a really old suitcase that I had to rip the laminate out of the inside and spray it with bleach because of some mold...I think I got it all? I'll take a picture of the outside later...its a neat, old piece!
A good shelf once I sand it down and re-paint it...
I found this today and love it! It would be perfect to hang on the wall or outside or somewhere! $1.
I talked to my mom the other day and we talked about looking for coasters that i could paint to go with my Coffee table and side table and I could paint all the different countries I have on each coaster. And the first day I'm looking and I find this! It is super cute and will look even better once I fix it up!
Two old cameras I bought. I paid $2 for this one...It is selling for about $10 on ebay - so isn't that great but I like it and will put it up for display...
This one, I paid $3 for and it is selling for $100+ on ebay. What makes this one worth so much?
Good finds today! Hoorah and yay for vintage items!


  1. I Love the coasters! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    1. Thanks. I think they will be super cute once I paint a design for every country I've visited - a coaster per country! I love your blog and will continue to stop by!

  2. You found so much great stuff. Love the 'german' table and personally I'd paint the bread box, but that's just me !

    1. Thanks Fiona! What color would you paint it? White? Whatever the color it has to go with the yellow writing that says bread...

  3. Love the table. And we had those same coasters growing up :)

  4. Uggh, the car plaque. I would love to find one of those. I gotta get back out and into the Thrift Store and Antique Shops. Great finds.