Thursday, March 22, 2012

Accumulation of the past weeks finds

This is called a rain lamp. If you can see all the strings down and the "poles". What you do is you put oil in the bottom and there is a pump inside the sucks up the oil and then drips down and the light on top reflects off of the oil dripping down making a "rain effect" hence the name - rain lamp. Unfortunately the pump is not working so I am going to see how much it costs to replace the pump...
I got this chest at the as is. After I sand it and stain it, it should look good.

Not really sure if this is very old but it's cool and I used to love Cracker Jack.
Sideways, but I have plans for this little guy. A magazine holder I plan to sand and paint white or something...
A cool clock...
Another old dart board...

A cool container I plan to paint and put a different word or design on...
Two cool avon bottles that I plan to possibly use as book ends?
A cool medical bottle...
This one below was free, just on the side of a road and I'm sure I can use it to decorate or something with.
Coolest 7up container. It is insulated to hold sodas or keep things cold at the beach or something.
A got this DVD holder for $10.
I have around 190 DVD's ....crazy!


  1. Hi Karissa,
    It's nice to be connected to a kindred spirit! Gotta love a great frugal find!
    -Revi - following you back. :)

    1. Yes indeed! Kindred spirits are always so refreshing! Frugal finds are what I live by! Looking forward to more posts by you!

  2. I love that rain lamp and the chest :)

    1. The rain lamp is my absolute favorite find! I think it is sooo neat!