Thursday, March 22, 2012


This coffee table I got for free on the side of the road. Cost of all the supplies is approximately $8-$10. Cost of time: 20-25 hours to make this project.

Step one: paint the table
Finished painting it! One layer of primer painted on. Then sprayed a can of white on top.
Step 2: Lay out all the letters that I cut out from the circut and decide how I want the table to look.

Step 3: Out line all the stencils and start hand painting!
Step 4: After you paint it all then take sand paper and distress the table a bit and the table legs.
Step 5: Wipe the table down and spray it with clear mat spray paint to protect the table!

It turned out EXACTLY as I wanted it to. These are all places I lived or visited in Costa Rica plus "Pura vida", the most common saying in Costa Rica. And also I snuck in the word love in Spanish - amor.


  1. This is great - I might have to borrow this idea !

    1. Thanks. I got similar ideas from other blogs that led me to this idea! Steal it for sure!