Monday, March 12, 2012

It Adds Up!

Ok, so I found this table on craigslist. I was not sure if I would like it from the picture I saw so I went to see it. I was looking for a table with 6 chairs and most posted on craigslist were only 4 chairs and $200 +. These are what the chairs look like. When I saw the chairs I knew I HAD to have it. They are gorgeous.Sorry for the clutter behind and the dark picture but here is the table. I love the whole set and for $60!!!!!! Crazy. I know it is not for some, but this table screams me.

A random letter holder I got for a quarter.
I accidentally posted two pics of this...I don't know how to delete it.

A cool container...
I got these two guys for free. Cute but not sure what to do with them? Maybe use them for decoration with my coca cola collection.
This is from 1948 and still has the wrap around it. It is in mint condition!!! I am sure it is worth at least $25. i got it for $5. A little higher than I normally pay for things but being that old, a coca cola product and still wrapped. It is a steel deal.

My favorite item of them all that I have been keeping an eye out for. Candy dispensers. These are only from the 70's or so but are so neat. These normally cost a good $120 + anywhere but I got them for $25. Way more than I normally pay but who can pass this up and I have some ideas rolling around in my head for where to put this and what to put in them.

Three coca cola tv trays. I can't find them online but they probably have some value too. i got each for a $1.
Another cool old container. It used to be for an old hair dryer. I just bought the container though.

Coca cola tin can. Not super old but I wanted to add it to my collection.
some old coca cola cans. Not sure what year? and in pretty bad shape. A quarter for both.
This was a steel too. Only a couple bucks, still wrapped and from 1949. Not sure how much these are worth but one of these cards unwrapped and by itself sells for $5. so I'm guessing worth $20+ and probably more.
An old book I had to have.
Only some pocket change and cute.
Some avon bottles! I of course couldn't pass them up and all of them for $2

Old bottle. Worth $20, cost $2.

Some great finds this last week. Have a good night.

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