Monday, August 27, 2012

Garage Sale Finds

Good thing I bought a truck so now I can easily buy good deals at garage sales! These are my finds from Friday!

These don't look like much but they will be cool for decoration and there is some cool writing on the side of the one. They were only a $1 and are good for at least storage.

Isn't this trunk awesome! Anyone have any idea how old it is?

This is on the inside. Looks all original...

Here is where I have the trunk for now. Not sure if it looks good there...

A few avon bottles on my bathroom counter
And a few more on the cabinets in my bathroom and a few old books!

My cute lil' vanity that I bought and was an ugly tan and I re-did it to gray - it isn't the best photo to see it!

Isn't this neat? I wonder if I paid too much for it. I paid $20, the woman was originally wanting $50. I thought it was worth it!

Best deal ever! Over 100 avon bottles and a lot of them in boxes and for $20! I will be selling some, and keeping some too!

Another good deal. Saw one like this Friday for $40 and was looking for one, but just didn't want to pay $40 and then I found this one the next day for $10. My jaw dropped and I instantly pulled out money!

Perfect spot in my bedroom for it!

4 vintage chairs for $10! Insane right?


  1. Great shopping. I'm following you back.

  2. I need to come with you to garage sales! Great finds!
    Rachel @ remastered relics

    1. Haha, thank you Rachel! I love love love garage saling and map it all out and everything!

  3. I adore those wooden crates!! One dollar??? Excellent buy! Thanks for stopping by

  4. Hi Karissa! What fun garage sale finds. Love the trunk. I am no expert but I would think the trunk would be 1880-1900, maybe. Thankyou so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I appreciate that. And I am following you back! Gina

  5. Wow! You have some great finds and you can tell you love the "hunt"! That table with the iron legwork is you know where it's new home will be?